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Why White Noise?

Updated: May 15, 2018

One of the best resources I can encourage a family to implement and use is a white noise machine. The womb of a mother is very loud. Research has found that the womb can be up to 90 Db loud. This is equivalent to a blow dryer blowing on high or a lawn mower. This noise has been shown to automatically soothe the baby to sleep by being surrounded the loud continuous noise. White noise has so many benefits for a child's sleep, including increasing the quality of sleep and helping to reduce stress levels while avoiding overstimulation from outside noise. However, it is important to implement low tones such as rain and waves. The white noise is most effective when it is placed across the room from the crib. At this point, you may be thinking, I do not want to pay for a white noise machine but I do need sleep. So, I have come up with some other resources you can use that are probably laying around your home. I will now list some of the top items that can be used instead of the white noise machine.

1.) Box Fan

2.) White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds( found on iTunes).

3.) Any music Box set on soothing songs

4.) Echo Dot can be used to play white noise

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